Rather than the conventional models of family-possessed, corporate-subsidized and controlled or promoting driven papers, sites and TV channels, can we rethink the media as a joint endeavor in the open arena between writers, per users and a concerned populace? One in which choices over what to cover and how, who to enlist and where to send a journalist or picture taker, are taken by editors based on proficient judgment, without agonizing over what an owner or lawmaker, authority or publicist may think or need.

In a vote based system, this is the least that per users or watchers anticipate. But then, the plan of action that supports most Indian news media only sometimes permits editors the opportunity they need. More regrettable, it has gradually disintegrated proficient principles of revealing and sullied the media biological system with poisonous practices like uncontrolled editorializing, paid news and ‘private settlements’. Progressively, media houses are hesitant to burn through cash on news gathering; and as they create auxiliary business premiums and ‘off limits regions’ multiply, their newsrooms endure further inadvertent blow-back – particularly as these premiums frequently rely upon vicinity to government officials and civil servants. Is anyone surprised that per users have started to see the disintegration of expert principles, moral penetrates and fall in quality? They presently feel duped.

The News Headlines will be solidly dedicated to the public intrigue and just qualities. Aside from giving definitive examination and critique, the point, as our assets develop, is to fabricate ourselves as a stage driven by classic writing about issues of public and global significance and intrigue. Being on the web additionally implies utilizing new media advancements to change the manner in which stories are told. With information and intuitive graphs, video and sound as essential pieces of the account structure when justified.

We start today on an unassuming note, obliged not by our vision yet by our assets. Meanwhile, we make a straightforward allure: read us, offer and tweet our substance, and send us your criticism to support@newsheadlines.co.in