AG Venugopal grants consent to initiate contempt proceedings against Kunal Kamra

Attorney General KK Venugopal on Friday granted consent to initiate contempt proceedings against comic Kunal Kamra for his November 18 tweet, saying it was “grossly vulgar and obnoxious” and tended to decrease the Supreme Court’s authority.

Venugopal’s response got here after a contempt request was filed by Allahabad-based lawyer Anuj Singh on Thursday.

Granting his approval, the AG stated, “…is to deliberately insult the CJI which would equally be an insult to the Supreme Court of India itself, which the CJI heads.”

“The said tweet is grossly vulgar and obnoxious. I have no doubt that it (tweet) would tend to lower the authority of the Supreme Court of India as well as undermine the confidence that the litigant public have in the institution of the Supreme Court itself….I accordingly grant consent,” the AG stated.

The AG’s contemporary consent for contempt has come shut on the heels of one other contempt petition being filed against Kamra for a sequence of tweets the place he criticised the Supreme Court’s beneficial ruling on Arnab Goswami’s bail request.

In his letter dated November 12, AG Venugopal had stated the tweets have been a “gross insinuation” against the Supreme Court. “…the freedom of speech is subject to the law of contempt and I believe that it is time that people understand that attacking the Supreme Court of India unjustifiably and brazenly will attract punishment under the Contempt of Courts Act, 1972,” the AG stated.

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