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Congress, DMK accuse BJP of trying to divide Tamil Nadu as ‘Kongu Nadu’ sparks row

After an official record of new Union Cabinet ministers issued by the BJP talked about that Tamil Nadu chief L Murugan hailed from “Kongu Nadu”, social media has erupted into debates over the use of the phrase, with the ruling DMK-Congress alliance accusing the BJP of trying to bifurcate the state.

‘Kongu Nadu’ refers to western Tamil Nadu — a area that features Namakkal, Salem, Tirupur and Coimbatore – and is taken into account an AIADMK stronghold. However, it’s a geographical area – no place formally exists with the identify ‘Kongu Nadu’.

While Murugan, the earlier state BJP chief, hails from a village close to Namakkal in western Tamil Nadu, his successor to the put up, Okay Annamalai, additionally comes from the identical area. It is especially recognized as a stronghold of Gounder group — a robust OBC group within the state with cash and muscle energy that usually will get important illustration within the state cupboard.

Controversy erupted after a screenshot of the Union ministers’ record began doing the rounds of social media, with a number of outstanding personalities accusing the BJP of trying to divide the state into two.

DMK MP Kanimozhi stated, “Nobody can divide Tamil Nadu… Nobody needs to worry about such reports. Tamil Nadu is safe under a government now.”

State Congress chief Okay S Alagiri stated it’s not possible for anybody to divide Tamil Nadu to type ‘Kongu Nadu’. “If it happens, that will set a precedent and lead to the formation of many such states. Dividing Tamil Nadu is an impossible dream even if some political parties with vested interests would love to push for it. People will never allow that. Such separatist ideas have no room here. A lone tree cannot make a forest is the famous Tamil proverb. If we Tamils live, we will be living in unity. This agenda of BJP will not succeed, we strongly condemn it,” Alagiri stated.

The phrase ‘Kongu Nadu’ within the profile of the Union minister has additionally been seen as a counter to DMK’s assertive place to use the phrase “Ondriya” (Union) as an alternative of “Madhiya” (Centre) to refer to the Central authorities in official paperwork.

Responding to a query on ‘Kongu Nadu’, state BJP normal secretary Karu Nagarajan stated that “people’s wish will be fulfilled”.

“It has happened like that in other states as well. Telangana is an example… If talking about ‘Ondriya Arasu’ (Union government) is their wish, it is also the wish of people to call it ‘Kongu Nadu,’” he stated. However, when requested if the BJP on the Centre was contemplating bifurcating the state, he evaded the query.

Later Sunday, Nagarajan stated there have been no discussions in BJP about ‘Kongu Nadu’.

“It is a mere social media debate. I am not even sure of the origin of these discussions. Talking about Kongu Nadu is like Tamil parties who used to have alliances with UPA and NDA at the Centre are now calling them ‘Ondriya Arasu’. There is nothing officially from BJP. Anyway, people’s wishes would be significant in such issues,” he stated.

Meanwhile, BJP’s legislature social gathering chief Nainar Nagendran stated, “Why is the DMK afraid of the ‘Kongu Nadu’ debate? Everything is Tamil Nadu, nothing to worry about… But at the same time, you keep it in mind that Andhra was divided into two. And UP also. After all, if it is the wish of the people, it would be the responsibility of the government to fulfil it.”

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