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Covid-19 and heart well being: Here’s what patients with pre-existing conditions need to know

It is thought now that the Covid an infection can lead to a bunch of different well being issues, and that it assaults severely when an individual already has an present well being situation. Among different issues, it can harm the heart, for its “impact on the cardiovascular system is very common, and can prove fatal even in mild infections”, warns Dr Vivek Mahajan, advisor, cardiac surgical procedure, Fortis Hospital Kalyan.

For folks with comorbidities

The physician explains that the virus impacts organs just like the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and kidneys in a extra extreme manner if these organs are unhealthy already.

“Various conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, previous heart attacks, weak heart, obesity, chronic lung disease, asthma, chronic kidney disease, etc., result in an easier entry for the virus leading to a more severe infection. Lack of exercise, faulty diet patterns, smoking, alcohol overuse, excessive snoring, poor blood pressure and blood glucose control, being overweight and obese make these vital organs diseased and more vulnerable to Covid-19,” he says.

Cardiovascular problems and Covid

According to Dr Mahajan, Covid virus instantly infects the liner of the blood vessels each carrying the pure blood to the organs (arteries) and the impure blood from varied organs to the heart (veins). This also can trigger blood clots within the veins of the leg main to a situation known as ‘deep vein thrombosis’.

“These clots may dislodge and travel to the lung, blocking its blood supply. This is a condition called pulmonary thromboembolism — it is life-threatening if the clot is a large one. If similar clotting occurs in the arteries of the heart, it could lead to a stroke which can be critical. These arteries are particularly vulnerable to choking by clot formation, heart attacks, and are commonly seen among Covid patients. These clotting complications may occur even in milder forms of infection even a few weeks or months after the recovery. Blood thinners like Rivaroxaban may be beneficial to prevent these complications in selected patients at a higher risk,” the physician explains.

Covid and heart assault  

Dr Mahajan cautions the virus could instantly infect the muscle tissue of the heart and lead to a situation known as ‘myocarditis’. “Complaints of palpitation are common after myocarditis. Patients often exhibit fluctuation in the heart rate — from very fast to extremely slow for few weeks to months after recovery. Some patients tend to have a severe infection of the heart muscle. This can lead to dangerously-fast disturbances of heart rhythm called ‘arrhythmias’ and can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest.”

How can such patients be protected?

This is what the physician advises:

* Patients having palpitations or breathlessness ought to be evaluated for the involvement of the heart muscle.

* 2D echo, MRI of the heart, and blood checks for heart muscle harm evaluation, like troponin, could also be suggested.

* Steroids and anti-arrhythmic medicine could be significantly useful in such conditions to forestall heart rhythm disturbances.

* A weakened heart can lead to heart failure post-Covid, which may give rise to shortness of breath and swelling everywhere in the physique, significantly the ft. This can occur in folks with pre-existing weak hearts. Various medicine which take away the extreme water by way of urine and enhance the functioning of the heart could be useful.

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