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Friday, May 7, 2021
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Didi wins khela 10-8

PM Modi addressed 18 public conferences in Bengal, in as many constituencies. TMC gained 10 of these on Sunday. A take a look at how the drama unfolded in these 18 seats:

Chowringhee: TMC

TMC’s Nayna Bandopadhyay (70,101 votes) defeated BJP’s Devdutta Maji (24,757 votes).

What PM stated at rally in Chowringhee’s Brigade Parade Ground: “Ashol poriborton (genuine change) is Bengal BJP’s mantra.”

Jaynagar: TMC

TMC’s Biswanath Das (1,04,952) defeated BJP’s Rabin Sardar (66,269).

What PM stated: “I can witness the wave of ‘ashol poriborton’ in this region.”

Uluberia Purba: TMC

TMC’s Bidesh Ranjan Bose (86,526) defeated BJP’s Pratyush Mandal (69,400).

What PM stated: “People of Bengal have decided: Didi must go.”

Haripal: TMC

TMC’s Dr Karabi Manna (1,10,215) defeated BJP’s Samiran Mitra (87,143).

What PM stated: He assured people who he’ll make Bengal “tolamukt” (freed from extortion).

Sonarpur Dakshin: TMC

TMC’s Lovely Mitra (96,822) defeated Anjana Basu (76,432).

What PM stated: “No Indian is an ‘outsider’ in Bengal. When BJP forms the government after May 2, a son of the soil will become CM.”

Howrah Central: TMC

TMC’s Arup Roy (96,465) defeated BJP’s Sanjay Singh (55,340).

What PM stated: “Didi’s corrupt government has ushered in ‘ease of crime’ and ‘ease of loot’. A BJP government will bring ‘ease of doing business’ and ‘ease of living’.”

Krishnanagar Dakshin: TMC

TMC’s Ujjawal Biswas (91,738) defeated BJP’s Mahadev Sarkar (82,433).

What PM stated: “Didi and her party are crossing all lines. Her people are abusing the SCs, STs, OBCs…. Didi has strategised to stop them from voting and facilitate her goons to rig votes.”

Bardhaman Uttar: TMC

TMC’s Nishith Kumar Malik (1,11,211) defeated BJP’s Radhankanta Roy (93,943).

What PM stated: “Tormenting ‘Ma’, looting ‘Mati’ and bloodshed of ‘Manush’ is the reality of Didi’s slogan.”

Barasat: TMC

TMC’s Chiranjeet Chakraborty (1,04,431) defeated Sankar Chatterjee (80,648).

What PM stated : “Didi’s frustration is increasing as the day of result is coming closer. She now gets angry even when I say ‘Didi O Didi’ in rallies. Every child in Bengal has started saying ‘Didi O Didi’.”

Jamuria: TMC

TMC’s Bardhaman Hareram (71,002) defeated BJP’s Tapas Roy (62,951).

What PM stated: “People used to come here for employment but today people from here are migrating. Didi, who speaks of Ma-Mati-Manush, has spread mafia raj here.”

Purulia: BJP

BJP’s Sudip Kumar Mukherjee (89,733) defeated TMC’s Sujoy Banerjee (82,751).

What PM stated: “TMC says ‘khela hobe’, BJP says ‘vikas hobe’ – the TMC’s days are over. Even Mamata-didi knows this.”

Siliguri: BJP

BJP’s Sankar Ghosh (89,370) defeated TMC’s Dr Om Prakash Mishra (53,784).

What PM stated: “Instigating people against central force will not help. TMC is perpetuating a culture of violence in Bengal.”

Kharagpur Sadar: BJP

BJP’s Hirmiranmoy Chattopadhyay (79,607) defeated TMC’s Pradip Sarkar (75,836).

What PM stated: “This region of Kharagpur gives us a glimpse of mini-India…. Mamata Banerjee is playing khela of appeasement for vote-bank politics.”

Coochbehar Dakshin: BJP

BJP’s Nikhil Ranjan Dey (91,560) defeated TMC’s Avijit De Bhowmik (86,629).

What PM stated: Modi stated Mamata will lose the status battle in Nandigram.

Bankura: BJP

BJP’s Niladri Shekhar Daba (95,466) defeated TMC’s Sayantika Banerjee (93,998).

What PM stated: He slammed TMC for “making hollow promises” and “playing khela of extortion rackets and syndicates”.

Kanthi Dakhshin: BJP

BJP’s Arup Kumar Das (98,477) gained in opposition to TMC’s Jyotirmoy Kar (88,184).

What PM stated: “May 2, Didi jacche, ashol poriborton asche (Didi is going, real change is coming).”

Suvendhu Adhikari’s father Sisir Adhikari is MP of this Lok Sabha constituency.

Kalyani: BJP

BJP’s Ambika Roy (76,724) defeated TMC’s Aniruddha Biswas (72,423).

What PM stated: “People of Bengal want ‘sonar Bangla’. Bengal doesn’t need Didi’s ‘kusashan’, it needs ‘asol poriborton’.”

Gangarampur: BJP

BJP’s Satyendranath Roy (88,724) defeated TMC’s Gautam Das (84,132).

What PM stated: “Maa Ganga has blessed BJP everywhere in her vast aanchal. After May 2, West Bengal is going to be added to it.”

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