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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Exclusive: Israel looking forward to invest in Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, says Israeli envoy Ron Malka

Days after a low-intensity blast occurred exterior the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, Israeli Ambassador Ron Malka in an unique dialog with India TV mentioned the continued investigation, mutual cooperation between the 2 nations and the place does he see India-Israel relations in the long run.

Ron Malka mentioned the investigation remains to be ongoing…. we’re getting the items collectively… we’re advancing however nonetheless it is going to take a while… however finally as soon as it’s concluded we’ll convey perpetrators to justice.”

Speaking on the timing of the blast close to the Israel Embassy, Malka mentioned, “As it seems the timing is not a coincidence… the evil attack on the Israeli Embassy on the day when both India and Israel completed 29 fruitful, successful years of collaboration and strong partnership… key strategic partnership…. the relations between India and Israel have reached a record… highest it could be… and the connection between leaders, government to government, people to people have deepen so much and it is something which is very very fruitful… so maybe there are some states, organisations who don’t like it and see it as a threat and want to harm… but we will not let that happen.”

He additional continued and mentioned, “relations between India and Israel is going to continue… we are going to expand them to more sectors, avenues bring more value to each other, to support each other’s visions like Make in India… exports from India… which is important for India to make itself a $5 trillion economy… we want to be part of it.. after the pandemic we have realised how much it is important for a country to become independent… we support this endeavour… India beomicng more and more independent and maybe… maybe there is someone who doesn’t like it… and want to harm it…”

Further talking on the assault, Isreali Ambassador mentioned, “first, we have to realise that we as representatives of Israel… we understand that our enemies see us as a target… they will try to harm us.. so we are very well prepared… not surprised from these threats… we have a very good system of protection and security… we take such threats seriously but we continue to do our work…. and such incidents give us more energy to go thrive and explore friendship…”

On relations between the 2 nations, Ron Malka mentioned, “Our Prime Ministers are a shining example for true and genuine friendship, they love appreciate each other. The respect and trust is reflected between relations between Israel and India…. off course they talk from time to time… they did talk over phone after the incident… discussed to reassure each other about the security of each other’s nationals in their respective countries… about the investigation to bring perpetrators to justice…. but they also usually talk about various things about innovations and other things.”

Responding to the place does he see India and Israel relation, cooperation in future, Ron Malka mentioned, “both Israel and India are focussing and giving priority to innovation and technology. Both the countries are innovative and high technological countries… and both would want to bring added value to each other like water security, food security, cybersecurity and multi-use of technology. We would like to focus on education relations between the two countries and going to touch almost every aspect of our lives.”

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