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‘Fingers, toes everything crossed that this will be India’s best Olympics efficiency, but there should be a nuanced approach to expectations’ | Tokyo Olympics News – Times of India

Aparna Popat, Anju Bobby George and Ashwini Nachappa had been the visitors on the newest episode of TOI’s new sports activities podcast Sportscast
MUMBAI: A nuanced approach dictates that expectations should be judged towards actuality when it comes to what can probably be achieved on the Olympics. Especially when a bunch of Indian athletes, throughout sports activities, have over a billion hopes driving on them.
Three of India’s most celebrated sportswomen of all time – Aparna Popat, Ashwini Nachappa and Anju Bobby George – really feel there may be a mismatch between what the fact is, and what we start to count on. The three had been visitors on the TOI Sportscast podcast just lately.
“Why the expectations really come up is because every day, you know, you open the newspaper, and you say, Indian athletes are doing really well, like you’re seeing some athlete win a tournament here, or you know, a medal there. And we sort of celebrate it in isolation. But we’re not really mapping it in terms of what it means to an Olympic standard. Or we’re not mapping it as to you know, how, you know, what the field was like, at that particular event, or at that particular tournament. So a gold, where, you know, the top, say, eight are not participating, and you get a gold, does not mean it’s a gold in the Olympics, because you’re not then comparing it to the Olympic standard. So I think somewhere to check expectations, it’s important that we even look at these considerations,” Popat instructed Times of India’s podcast Sportscast.

“I second that,” provides Ashwini. “I think that narrative is very important. How we inform the public is very important, who informs is very important. It should be laid out, you know, otherwise, you’re going to be creating this kind of situation where everybody thinks the Olympics is, you know, you can get 10, 12, 15 medals. It’s not running on the street. It takes a lot of effort. The journey for each one (athlete) is enormous. Each one is different. ” Ashwini Nachappa mentioned on TOI Sportscast.
“The Olympics Actually, it’s a different scenario. And the competition is very high and all the top athletes are coming for that competition. In athletics, I got a world championship medal (bronze in Paris 2003). In athletics, there is no difference between World Championships and Olympics – competition wise. But when I went to the Olympics, it was entirely different. Because all (athletes) are getting ready for that, the entire world is getting ready for that. And competition, tension, expectations will be very high. So we need to cope with that and we need to be steady and perform our best. But it depends on that day (competition day at the Games). It could be anything”. Anju Bobby George mentioned on TOI Sportscast.
The three Arjuna awardees nonetheless do imagine the Indian contingent in Tokyo has the potential to higher their 2012 London Olympics efficiency and probably go previous the mark of 6 medals, which stays India’s best haul at one version of the Games.
“Toes and fingers knotted and crossed,” they are saying.
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