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Friday, May 7, 2021
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Gorakhpur: Three elderly Covid patients die after hospital pulls plug on oxygen supply

Three Covid-19 patients on ventilator assist in a Gorakhpur hospital died after the medical facility pulled their oxygen assist saying their situation had not improved in per week. The hospital’s proprietor claimed the oxygen supply was stopped with the consent of the households of the three, and added that docs “chose to save lives of younger patients”.

One of the three patients was 70 years previous whereas one other was 10 years youthful. The third affected person was 55 years previous. “The three were critical patients and were dependent on oxygen with 90 per cent damage to lungs. They could not have been saved anyway, so we requested people to vacate the beds for new patients. They agreed, and took them away…Two of them were women, while one was a man. They had not shown any response for last the five days, and the moment we would withdraw the oxygen support, their oxygen levels were dropping to 30. It seemed that some young patients could have been saved in place of them. How long could we have delayed their death? The waiting list is very long,” reasoned Durgawati Hospital’s proprietor Dr Manoj Yadav.

He mentioned, “They were on ventilators. The three families agreed, after we spoke to them. There was no need for a written confirmation from them.”

Dr Yadav instructed reporters there was an acute scarcity of oxygen in Gorakhpur. There are 30 Covid-19 patients on the hospital at current.

“If you see groups for COVID-19 control, you will see there is a major issue of medical oxygen supply. Vehicles have been parked for hours at suppliers, but there is very little oxygen,” the hospital proprietor mentioned, including that on Friday afternoon the oxygen supply on the hospital was virtually completed when the native administration delivered 40 cylinders.

Gorakhpur District Magistrate (DM) K Vijayendra Pandian, nevertheless, instructed The Indian Express there was no scarcity of medical oxygen within the hospital. “It is up to the doctors to decide when what has to be done. There is a protocol regarding this… We can’t question the competence of doctors. They are qualified medical practitioners and they are trying their best. You know there is no fixed treatment for coronavirus even now. It is wrong to find the doctors guilty at this time. Here, there are many people who are brain dead but alive. The doctor has to balance between the probability of survival…There are so many people waiting for ventilator beds,” he added.

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