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Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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IMA condemns Haryana’s decision to raise MBBS fees in medical colleges to Rs 10 lakh per year

Indian Medical Association (IMA) president Dr Rajan Sharma has criticised the decision by the Haryana authorities to raise the fees of presidency medical colleges in the State.

The fees in public medical colleges has been raised to Rs 10 lakh per year from round Rs 50,000 per year. With this a pupil looking for admission in an MBBS course may have to pay Rs 40 lakh for the four-year course.

“I strongly condemn the decision. Shall we do this to students from poor families who get admission in government colleges after qualifying entrance exam? There is widespread protest in Haryana,” Sharma advised ANI when requested to touch upon the federal government’s decision concerning payment hike.

“In the ordinance, it is clearly written that if a student comes to Haryana government job, the government will provide a loan, the government will pay EMI but employment is not guaranteed. What was the necessity to bring this ordinance?” he requested.

In order to incentivise docs to go for Haryana Governement medical service, the State authorities on (*10*) 6 got here out with a coverage that states candidates chosen for MBBS diploma course in authorities medical colleges want to execute an annual bond for Rs10 lakh minus the payment firstly of each educational year.

The candidate will pay the whole bond quantity with out recourse to the mortgage or the State authorities will facilitate them for availing an schooling mortgage for this bond quantity. As per the coverage, the federal government will repay the annual instalments of the mortgage if the candidate obtains employment with the State authorities.

The Haryana medical schooling and analysis division has revised the payment for medical programs and launched bonds for college students, for which a system of loans has been put in place.

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