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Jordan says Prince Hamzah’s circle aimed to destabilize security

Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi stated on Sunday that former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein and his aides have been in touch with “foreign parties” in regards to the “right timing to destabilize” Jordanian security.

Security forces arrested a number of officers on Saturday. Hamzah stated he was positioned underneath home arrest as he criticized the federal government.

Safadi stated Hamzah had engaged in “recent activities and movements” that aimed to incite folks in opposition to the state.

King Abdullah II will talk about the state of affairs with Hamzah, his half-brother, immediately and throughout the royal household, Safadi stated in a press convention.

The deputy prime minister stated ongoing investigations started a very long time in the past, and that the Jordanian authorities has foiled all strikes to undermine security. He didn’t determine the “foreign parties” allegedly concerned within the plot.

What was the response in Jordan?

Queen Noor, the mom of former Crown Prince Hamzah, denounced on Sunday a “wicked slander” in her first response to the revelations after circulated footage confirmed her son criticizing the federal government.

“Praying that truth and justice will prevail for all the innocent victims of this wicked slander. God bless and keep them safe,” she stated on Twitter.

Jordan’s military chief stated on Saturday that Hamzah was not underneath arrest, however had been requested to cease “some activities that could be used to shake the stability and security of Jordan.” But the prince has disputed this in a video message.

Deputy Prime Minister Tawfiq Krishan stated on Sunday that the Jordanian authorities by no means “eliminated the opposition or excluded a political movement.”

His remark got here throughout a gathering of prime officers as they mark the one hundredth anniversary of the Jordanian state.

The official Al-Rai newspaper warned on Sunday that Jordan’s “security and stability” have been a “red line that must not be crossed or even approached.”

Who was arrested?

The deputy prime minister stated authorities arrested between 14 to 16 folks, in addition to two important prime officers.

Among these detained was Bassem Awadallah, a former finance and planning minister and a longtime confidant of the king. He was additionally an adviser to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Awadallah, a proponent of financial reforms, resigned as chief of the royal courtroom in 2008 amid allegations of interference in delicate political and financial points.

Safadi stated Awadallah was in touch with the so-called “foreign opposition,” which aimed to incite the folks in opposition to the Jordanian state.

Security forces additionally arrested the highest official and member of the royal household Sharif Hassan Ben Zaid.

He was the king’s envoy to Saudi Arabia, the place he additionally had investments, in accordance to native media studies.

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What about Hamzah?

Hamzah stated he was not allowed to depart his residence or meet with different folks, in accordance to a video offered by his lawyer to the BBC.

“I recorded this video to make it clear that what has been said officially is not a reflection of what is actually happening on the ground,” he stated in a video assertion.

Hamzah slammed the Jordanian authorities over what he stated was a accountability for the nation’s deteriorating human rights state of affairs.

Labib Kamhawi, a Jordanian analyst, informed the Associated Press that Hamzah seemingly crossed a line for the royal household by indicating he is likely to be another to the long-ruling king.

“This is something the king does not accept or tolerate,” he informed the AP. “This is why we are now witnessing what has happened. This file is now more or less closed.”

Which international locations backed the king?

Neighboring international locations and allies of Jordan expressed their assist for King Abdullah on Sunday.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Gulf allies rallied behind the king, highlighting Jordan’s strategic significance within the area.

Saudi Arabia was among the many first to voice assist for the king. The United Arab Emirates, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Qatar, Iran, Yemen, Israel, Palestinian territories, Romania and Ukraine additionally issued statements in solidarity with Jordan’s security.

What is the state of affairs in Jordan?

Although the developments in Jordan have come as a shock for a lot of, DW reporter Aya Ibrahim says there have been indications a more in-depth take a look at the developments on the bottom present what led to this level.

“The country has really suffered under the COVID-19 pandemic economically. It has also had to undergo some very serious austerity measures that are starting to be really painful for ordinary Jordanians,” she informed DW News.

Ibrahim famous that former Prince Hamzah’s criticism of corruption and the nation’s ruling elite “does resonate with some of the king’s critics domestically.”

“He did say that he met with some of the tribal leaders, so one can then understand why the official view that this was a destabilizing move on his part,” she stated.

Amman-based journalist Rana Sweis informed DW that Prince Hamzah’s video attraction was “unprecedented.”

“Jordan is normally a stable Arab kingdom that has been a staunch ally of countries in Europe and the US, particularly when it comes to counterterrorism cooperation in the Middle East,” Sweis stated.

“It is really a rare kind of tension that we have not really seen before at the forefront,” she added.

Jordan has lengthy been a key Western ally and an island of stability in a turbulent area. It borders Israel, the Palestinian territories, Syria and Iraq.

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