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Karnataka: Educationists criticise decision to hold exams – Times of India

BENGALURU: The division of public instruction, in a gathering on Tuesday, mentioned the probabilities of holding yr-finish exams sooner than scheduled in view of rising Covid-19 instances and to keep away from the summer season warmth. However, educationists have lashed out on the very thought of holding yr-finish exams.

“As per the earlier calendar, assessments were to be conducted by May,” an official of the division stated. “We want to advance it and are yet to make a decision.”

The authorities’s announcement on Monday that exams for lessons 1-9 will probably be held as per the calendar was welcomed by many personal faculty managements.

“It will be unfair on students who have attended classes and prepared during the year to not have an exam,” stated D Shashi Kumar, secretary, Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools of Karnataka. “Last year too, students were promoted without an assessment. Mere promotion to the next class without checks will affect the quality. Moreover, parents and students will not take classes seriously unless there are exams.”

But many dad and mom imagine colleges are insisting on exams in order that they’ll accumulate pending charges. Educationists too have questioned the federal government’s rationale of holding exams when no lessons have been performed.

“Government school students from classes 1-5 have had no learning this year except for 1.5 months of Vidyagama. What is the government planning to test these children on?” requested Sumedha Rao, lead volunteer of Whitefield Ready, that works with authorities colleges. “Most pupils have gone back to their hometowns and they might not come back just for tests. It’s meaningless to hold assessments. Exams for classes 6-9, perhaps, can help teachers gauge where the gaps are.”

Maya Menon, founder-director, Teacher Foundation, concurred saying: “Many states are automatically promoting students. There are bound to be learning gaps this year. Doing a test for the test’s sake will not bridge the gap. We’re conducting exams out of habit rather than necessity.”

Others identified that the Right to Education doesn’t enable detaining of college students. “Assessments have to be continuous,” stated Rishikesh BS, school, Azim Premji University. “Year-end exams are regressive even as an idea and worse when used for promotion to the next class at the elementary level.”

Niranjanaradhya VP, senior fellow, Centre for Child and Law, NLSIU, stated: “In a year like this, when learning has not been uniform, why are we inflicting one more unnecessary pain on children. Instead, focus must be on building a bridge programme.”

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