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‘Lack of foresight caused Covid crisis’: India’s handling of pandemic dominates global headlines   

As India’s coronavirus tally crossed the 2-crore mark on Tuesday, the Covid-19 disaster within the nation continues to seize global headlines.

From that includes on the frontpage of newspapers around the globe to being the centre of debates on tv channels just like the CNN, the coronavirus scenario has been on the centrestage ever for the reason that second wave of the pandemic hit the nation.

The surge in instances has battered its already feeble healthcare system and an acute scarcity in provide of vaccines have hit inoculation drives in most states. Thousands of Covid sufferers have been scrambling to seek out hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and life-saving remedy amidst an acute scarcity of medical sources within the nation. India can be the one nation to file over 4 lakh each day instances for the reason that begin of the pandemic.

At a time when India data over 3.5 lakh instances and three,000 deaths a day, we check out how the worldwide media has been reporting concerning the nation’s disaster:

‘India’s Covid-19 Crisis Shakes Modi’s Image of Strength’: New York Times

India has been hit by the second wave of the pandemic like no different nation and according to the New York Times, well being specialists and analysts blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “overconfidence” for it. “Independent health experts and political analysts say that Modi’s overconfidence and his domineering leadership style bear a huge share of the responsibility. Critics say his administration was determined to cast an image of India as back on track and open for business despite lingering risks,” the article learn.

‘While India is desperate for oxygen, its politicians deny there’s an issue’: The Guardian

In an opinion piece revealed within the Guardian, the author says that at a time when the nation scrambles to assemble oxygen for its Covid-19 sufferers, many of whom have even died as a result of of its scarcity, there are political leaders who not solely disregard the disaster but in addition threaten to take motion towards individuals who voice their opinion concerning it.

“The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has threatened legal action against anyone who complains of oxygen shortages because he insists there is no such shortage. He has recently threatened to seize the property of people complaining of the unavailability of oxygen because they are lying rumour-mongers, spreading panic,” the article learn.

Blaming the politicians of the nation for the present state of affairs, the article added, “The Bharatiya Janata party’s chief minister of Uttarakhand (the Himalayan state bordering Uttar Pradesh) allows the largest riverside pilgrimage in the world, the Kumbh Mela, to gather right in the middle of the second wave, because astrologers rule that it has to happen a year ahead of schedule. His decision has the prime minister’s blessing.”

Covid sufferers obtain
oxygen assist on the Damdama Sahib Gurudwara in New Delhi on Monday. (Express Photo By Amit Mehra)

‘PM Modi could have prevented India’s devastating Covid-19 disaster, critics say. He didn’t’: CNN

Attributing election rallies to the surge in Covid instances throughout the nation, an article in CNN read, “On April 17, ahead of a state election, a maskless Prime Minister Narendra Modi boasted to a sea of cheering supporters: ‘I’ve never ever seen such huge crowds at a rally.’ His country was on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. That day, India recorded more than 261,000 new coronavirus cases — more than many countries have seen during the entire pandemic.”

Stating that that duty for India’s second wave belonged “first and foremost” to the federal government, an knowledgeable CNN spoke to mentioned, “People expect their governments to assure them that they are in charge and taking care of things … but the government is almost missing in action. Now that India is facing the worst crisis, in my lifetime, certainly, where is the Prime Minister?”

‘India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing’: The Atlantic

In an editorial, Vidya Krishnan said that the Narendra Modi authorities did little or no within the time it obtained between the primary and second wave to assist avert the present disaster.

“After the virus landed on India’s shores, he imposed a brutal shutdown— one that largely hurt the poorest and most vulnerable — without consulting the nation’s top scientists, yet did not use the time to build up the country’s health-care infrastructure…and rather than taking advantage of low case counts in prior months, his government offered an air of triumphalism, allowing enormous Hindu religious festivals and crowded sporting competitions to go ahead. Modi’s ruling Hindu-nationalist party has been accused of hoarding lifesaving drugs, and has held mass election rallies cum super-spreader events that would make Donald Trump blush,” the article learn.

‘More funeral pyres will burn unless Modi takes accountability’: Financial Times, UK

In an article titled “The tragedy of India’s second wave”, the Financial Times warns that until Modi takes accountability for his position on this disaster, “more funeral pyres will burn across his nation”.

“With reports of people dying in the streets outside overwhelmed hospitals running short of oxygen, India today perhaps most closely resembles the worst-case scenarios painted when the virus was identified 16 months ago.  Like populists elsewhere, Modi will be reluctant to take actions that might imply his government’s earlier mistakes fuelled today’s outbreak. Unless he does, more funeral pyres will burn across his nation,” the article learn.

‘Narendra Modi’s lack of foresight caused the disaster’: Le Monde

An editorial revealed in French newspaper Le Monde says that Modi’s “lack of foresight, arrogance, and demagoguery are evidently among the causes of a situation that now seems out of control”.

“The Prime Minister, after having paralyzed and traumatized his country in 2020 by decreeing brutal confinement, abandoning millions of migrant workers, completely lowered his guard at the beginning of 2021,” it said.

‘It isn’t simply Modi, India’s media should additionally take duty for Covid-19 disaster’: Time Magazine

The Time Magazine, in an opinion piece, has referred to as out the Indian media over “exaggerating the government’s successes”, saying that it’s this “lack of accountability” that led to the present disaster.

“Many Hindi- and English-language news channels, as well as regional news outlets, are unabashedly pro-Modi. They have routinely exaggerated the government’s successes and either glossed over its failures or spun ways to pin them on Modi’s discontents: the opposition, liberals, Muslims, activists, leftists, protesters, NGOs, and other assorted anti-nationals,” the article learn.

It added, “The media protected Modi from any proper public scrutiny of his initial handling of the pandemic. He made repeated television appearances in which he said little of substance and offered no concrete plans to tackle the crisis. Instead, he called for festivals of sound and light, and ordered the armed forces to shower flowers on hospitals — all of it hyped up by doting anchors as proof of Modi’s strong leadership.”

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