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President’s rule be implemented in Maharashtra, demands Ramdas Athawale in wake of Antilia bomb scare case

President’s rule be implemented in Maharashtra, demands Ramdas Athawale in wake of Antilia bomb scare case
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Rajya Sabha MP Ramdas Athawale at Parliament, through the second half of Budget Session, in New Delhi.

Union Minister Ramdas Athawale on Friday focused the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVH) authorities in Maharashtra, demanding President’s rule ought to be implemented in the state over the worsening regulation & order state of affairs. His feedback have come in wake of SUV (with gelatin stick inside it) that was discovered close to Mukesh Ambani’s House Antilia in Mumbai and its following developments together with the loss of life of Mansukh Hiren and position of Sachin Vaze.

“Law & order is worsening in Maharashtra. A criminal officer like Sachin Waze was given protection by the state government. I demand that President’s rule be implemented in Maharashtra. I will also write to Home Minister Amit Shah regarding this,” Union Minister Ramdas Athawale stated.

Even as National Investigation Agency (NIA) continues to query Mumbai Police’s disgraced encounter specialist Sachin Vaze on the sixth consecutive day, the accused police officer has but not revealed the names of the actual ‘mastermind’ of the conspiracy on whose behest he executed the plot to scare India’s topmost industrialist Mukesh Ambani, sources in the company revealed.

Meanwhile ATS, Mumbai made hectic efforts on Friday to hunt remand of Vaze, ostensibly to stop the accused from being grilled additional by the Central company. Vaze is in NIA’s custody until March 25.

On ATS Mumbai’s goal of searching for Vaze’s custody, BJP spokesperson and MLA Ram Kadam stated that the ATS which comes underneath the state authorities, desperately desires to interrupt NIA’s investigation which may probably unmask the large political names linked with Vaze.

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“Why ATS is active now? Why so late? They (ATS) had been sleeping over the alleged murder of Mansukh Hiran for days… earlier they did not bother to interrogate Sachin Vaze. But now when NIA is closing in on the real mastermind, the ATS wants to prevent further questioning of Vaze who is directly linked with Shiv Sena leadership,” stated Kadam, who earlier questioned the state authorities for hushing up the case.

Sources in the NIA stated that Vaze shouldn’t be cooperating with the company concerning the motive and planning of deep-rooted conspiracy which shook the company fraternity.

Vaze, who had earlier admitted his involvement to some extent in the SUV case and his linkages with Hiran, proprietor of the explosive laden SUV, has been, of late, mum over the conspiracy angle.

“Vaze wants to protect the identity of his political masters. He knows once the top names are revealed, the entire extortion racket and motive of scaring the top Industrialist will be out in public,” stated Kadam, including: “Vaze is a small fish in the big pond of crime. Everyone now expects that agency will soon identify the big fish too.”

On the opposite hand, Shiv Sena has taken a u-turn on Vaze.

It had earlier stated that Vaze was a succesful officer, however now social gathering’s spokesperson Sanjay Raut admitted that Vaze dedicated a mistake and if proof emerges in opposition to him, than he’s liable to face motion. Talking to media, Raut stated that case was been hyped by political opponents.

“The NIA or agencies like ED are being misused by Centre to fix their political rivals. In this case, also NIA was given the investigation by the Centre with a specific purpose. But at the end of the day the truth will survive…. Shiv Sena will continue to complete its term in Maharashtra. Attempts to destabilise the state government will not materialise,” he stated.

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