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World AIDS Day 2020: A doctor debunks top five myths about the virus and its transmission


World AIDS Day 2020 A doctor debunks top five myths about the virus and its transmission

World AIDS Day 2020: A doctor debunks top five myths about the virus and its transmissionIt’s vital to grasp HIV virus can result in AIDS, which is often known as superior stage HIV. But all folks with HIV an infection don’t essentially progress to stage 3. (Source: File photograph)In order to struggle a illness, one will need to have all the data about it. As such, it turns into vital to learn up so much, steer clear of misinformation and myths, and consciously dispel rumours related to the illness, particularly if can result in any type of discrimination for the particular person in the society.

“Today, about 38 years after HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)/AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) was recognised, there is a much greater understanding of the virus, its transmission, its detection and management. Lack of understanding among the public and associated stigma, however, continues to be fuelled by misinformation,” says Dr Kirti Sabnis, Infectious Disease Specialist, Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai.

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On the event of World AIDS Day at this time, Dr Sabnis identifies and debunks the top five myths related to HIV/AIDS. “First, it’s important to understand HIV virus can lead to AIDS, which is also known as advanced stage HIV. But all people with HIV infection don’t necessarily progress to stage 3. With correct treatment and guidance of an infectious diseases physician, many people with HIV live for years without developing AIDS; unfortunately, these patients continue to be bogged by stigma,” she says.

Here are some myths:

1. One can contract HIV by sharing cutlery and bedding: Sometimes, folks with HIV/AIDS are saved at hand’s size even by their family members, making it much more vital for this fable to be debunked. HIV/AIDS doesn’t unfold by sharing objects with the contaminated particular person. Same goes for shared work areas, exercise areas and widespread use areas resembling bogs, bathrooms and the kitchen. HIV/AIDs solely spreads by way of contaminated semen, contaminated vaginal fluid, blood or breast milk.

2. Only those that do medication get HIV/AIDS: This shouldn’t be true; the transmission shouldn’t be restricted to those that reuse needles and syringes for drug consumption. Shared needles and syringes used even in the healthcare setting are one in all the commonest causes of the unfold of blood-borne illness, notably for the unfold of HIV and Hepatitis round the globe.

3. Only those that take pleasure in same-sex intercourse get HIV: While it’s true that males having intercourse with different males have the next danger of buying HIV, these indulging in intercourse with the reverse intercourse with out carrying a condom, are at a excessive danger, too. This is very true for individuals who have unprotected sexual activity with a number of companions.
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4. My remedy will guarantee I don’t unfold HIV: Medication will definitely decrease the viral load, possibly make it undetectable, too, however that doesn’t lower or negate the danger of spreading the an infection. One should at all times use safety whereas having intercourse, and not take remedy with no consideration. Proper use of condoms additionally prevents different sexually transmitted ailments.

5. Women with HIV/AIDS ought to by no means bear youngsters: The danger of the mom passing on the an infection to the baby is actual, however preventable. Research and developments throughout the globe have corroborated that with correct intervention throughout being pregnant, labor, supply and breastfeeding phases, the danger of mother-to-child transmission may be prevented.

“Misinformation and stigmatisation has dramatically impacted patients with HIV/AIDS across the globe, with an understanding that misinformation can further worsen the quality of their life, we must make efforts to negate the stigma by knowing the facts. Stigmatsation often results in improper treatment and worsening of HIV and AIDS. Awareness and sensitisation are crucial steps towards building a cohesive society. We must all play our parts responsibly,” the doctor advises.

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