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Yuri Gagarin | The Soviet cosmonaut who made a pioneering spaceflight 60 years ago

Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering, single-orbit flight made him a hero within the Soviet Union and a global movie star.

Crushed into the pilot’s seat by heavy G-forces, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin noticed flames outdoors his spacecraft and ready to die. His voice broke the tense silence at floor management: “I’m burning. Goodbye, comrades.” Gagarin didn’t know that the blazing inferno he noticed by means of a porthole was a cloud of plasma engulfing Vostok 1 throughout its re-entry into the Earth’s ambiance, and he was nonetheless on observe to return safely.

It was his quiet composure underneath stress that helped make him the primary human in house 60 years ago.

Gagarin’s steely self-control was a key issue behind the success of his pioneering 108-minute flight. The April 12, 1961, mission encountered glitches and emergencies — from a capsule hatch failing to close correctly simply earlier than blastoff to parachute issues within the last moments earlier than landing.

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From the time 20 Soviet air drive pilots have been chosen to coach for the primary crewed spaceflight, Gagarin’s calm demeanor, fast studying expertise and beaming smile made him an early favourite.

Two days earlier than blastoff, the 27-year-old Gagarin wrote a farewell letter to his spouse, Valentina, sharing his satisfaction in being chosen to trip in Vostok 1 but additionally making an attempt to console her within the occasion of his demise.

“I fully trust the equipment, it mustn’t let me down. But if something happens, I ask you Valyusha not to become broken by grief,” he wrote, utilizing a nickname for her.

Authorities held onto the letter and finally gave it to Gagarin’s widow seven years later after he died in an airplane crash. She by no means remarried.

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Gagarin’s pioneering, single-orbit flight made him a hero within the Soviet Union and a global movie star. After placing the world’s first satellite tv for pc into orbit with the profitable launch of Sputnik in October 1957, the Soviet house program, rushed to safe its dominance over the United States by placing a man into house.

“The task was set, and people were sleeping in their offices and factory shops, like at wartime,” Fyodor Yurchikhin, a Russian cosmonaut who finally made 5 spaceflights, recalled.

Major Yuri Gagarin, the Russian astronaut, waves his greeting to spectators as he leaves the Soviet Embassy in London, United Kingdom, after his visit to Britain. | File

Major Yuri Gagarin, the Russian astronaut, waves his greeting to spectators as he leaves the Soviet Embassy in London, United Kingdom, after his go to to Britain. | File

A collection of failures

As the Soviet rocket and house program raced to beat the Americans, it suffered a collection of launch failures all through 1960, together with a disastrous launch pad explosion in October that killed 126 folks. Missile Forces chief Marshal Mitrofan Nedelin was among the many victims.

Like Gagarin, Soviet officers have been ready for the worst. No security system had been put in to save lots of the cosmonaut in case of one other rocket explosion at blastoff or after.

Authorities drafted three variations of a bulletin about Gagarin’s flight for the official TASS information company: one saying a profitable flight, one other in case of issues, and the third one for a mission ending in catastrophe.

Apart from potential engine failures and different gear malfunctions, scientists questioned a person’s means to face up to the circumstances of spaceflight. Many apprehensive that a pilot may go mad in orbit.

Soviet engineers ready for that state of affairs by creating a absolutely computerized management system. As an additional precaution, the pilot would obtain a sealed envelope containing a secret code for activating the capsule’s guide controls. The concept was that a particular person who may enter the code should be sane sufficient to function the ship.

Everyone within the house program favored Gagarin a lot, nevertheless, that a senior teacher and a high engineer independently shared the key code with him earlier than the flight to save lots of him the difficulty of twiddling with the envelope in case of an emergency.

“Off we go!” mentioned Gagarin

Problems started proper after Gagarin obtained into Vostok 1, when a mild confirming the hatch’s closure didn’t go on. Working at a frantic tempo, a main engineer and a co-worker eliminated 32 screws, discovered and stuck a defective contact, and put the screws again simply in time for the scheduled launch.

Sitting within the capsule, Gagarin whistled a tune. “Poyekhali!” — “Off we go!” — he shouted because the rocket blasted off.

As one other precaution, the orbit was deliberate so the spacecraft would descend by itself after a week if an engine burn failure stranded the spaceship. Instead, a glitch resulted in a increased orbit that may have left Gagarin lifeless if the engine had malfunctioned at that stage.

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space 60 years ago. | File

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin grew to become the primary human in house 60 years ago. | File

While the engine labored as deliberate to ship the ship residence, a gas loss resulted in an surprising re-entry path and a increased velocity that made the spaceship rotate wildly for 10 agonizing minutes.

Gagarin later mentioned he almost blacked out whereas experiencing G-forces exceeding 10 occasions the pull of gravity. “There was a moment lasting two or three seconds when instruments started fading before my eyes,” he recalled.

Seeing a cloud of fiery plasma round his ship on re-entry, he thought his ship was burning.

A soft-landing system hadn’t been designed but, so Gagarin ejected from the module in his spacesuit and deployed a parachute. While descending, he needed to fiddle with a sticky valve on his spacesuit to start out respiratory outdoors air. A reserve chute unfolded along with the principle parachute, making it arduous for him to regulate his descent, however he landed safely on a discipline close to the Volga River within the Saratov area.

Gagarin was flown to Moscow to a hero’s welcome, hailed by Soviet chief Nikita Khrushchev and greeted by enthusiastic crowds cheering his flight as a triumph on par with the victory in World War II. In the years earlier than he died at age 34, he basked in worldwide glory, visiting dozens of nations to rejoice his historic mission.

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